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Optimizing your health through lifestyle modifications

Please note this is NOT a weight-loss program; this is intended to be a whole body care routine that is not focused on only superficial body changes, but rather your success will be measured by your level of strength, energy, stamina and resilience.

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Not everyone is necessarily looking for a prescription medication to improve their overall health and well-being. It can be tough to figure out where to begin and how to keep yourself accountable. During our first visit, we will discuss your goals for nutrition, fitness, sleep, energy and overall stress management, while keeping in mind a realistic and achievable plan to fit your lifestyle.


We will come up with a week by week plan with specific fitness routines and nutritional targets that are cost-effective and fit into your daily routine. 
This plan may or may not include recommendations for vitamins or supplements, based on your preference. 
We will have a way to monitor your progress and check in periodically.


Certain labwork may be recommended depending on what is discovered on initial consultation, in order to make sure your medical and health needs are met, and that the recommended regimen is appropriate and safe.
This is only recommended and not necessarily required.


Your plan may choose to include weekly mini-meditations, guided visualizations, breathing practices and other stress-relieving techniques to try at home in additional to your nutrition/fitness plan


Initial Consultation:

$400 (60min) or $500 (90min)

Month to month pricing: $300

  • includes nutrition and fitness plans emailed to your inbox weekly

  • weekly meditations/mindfulness exercises 

  • 1 on 1 monthly check-in (45min)

  • review of lab-testing, if applicable

  • future offering of live Q&A sessions with groups via zoom (TBA)

6 month plan: $1500 ($250/month)

12 month plan: $2700 ($225/month)

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